Monday, October 17, 2011


The chapter begins with Ronson having a conversation with his friend, Adam Curtis. Ronson was explaining his visit to Shabuta, Mississippi, and the sculpture collection of predatory animals and his giant oil paintings of himself. Al Dunlap is a characters of interest because he  is hired to fire employees of Sunbeam which eventually leads to the closing of Sunbeam and the demise of  Shubuta. Curtis then goes on a rant about the "madness of journalism". Ronson mulls on Curtis's rant, and decides to do some research. Through research, he meets Charlotte Scott. Charlotte Scott is a relatively young retired show producer. Scoot was the producer of shows where raised on social issues, such as: drugs,incest, adultery, and cross dressing. It was her job to call the people who wanted to be on television and listen to their story. Scoot often felt as if she had to feel removed from the person on the other end of the phone- she was describing the process of dehumanization. People find ways to erase empathy and remorse from their  jobs, so they can perform their jobs better. Scott reveals a producing secret to Ronson. She exposes her methods of weeding out the boring from the mad. Scott would ask people what medications they were on. If they where on Prozac- they were perfect for the show.
I enjoyed this chapter. Mostly because it was nice, short read. I also gain some insight to how TV producers go by creating interesting shows. It was cool to read the job description of Charlotte Scoot, former bookkeeper of Jerry Springer, Trisha, and Jeremy Kyle. I always figured that the people on these shows where on some sort of medication. The interview of Al Dunlap really, didn't shock me. It wasn't as gory as compared with earlier interviews. He's not that "bad" of a psychopath.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Question that can be answered in 10 pages

Because I am interested in Midwifery, I want my paper to be about Midwifery. I don't know what aspect of Midwifery I want to talk about. I feel like there are alot of subjects I can write about concerning midwifery, but its not coming to mind. So, Today I'm going to meet up with a real Mid-wife Nurse. I'm going to ask her billions of questions-she is going to wish I never agreed to meet with her today! I am so excited. If I sit her and continue to write more on this post I'm going to be late for one of the most important meetings of my entire life. (updates on how it went later :)!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Psychopath Test- Summary of Chapter 4

Ron sends Bob Hare an email requesting an interview; Hare agrees to meet with Ron but only if he registered for a three-day residential course. During the course, Hare taught Ron and others how to identify psychopaths through his checklist. Hare developed the Hare PCL-R checklist in 1975. With the help of experts he, he catergorized the characteristic and behaviors of psycopaths into an organized list.
Which was this: (pg97-98)
1. Glibness/superficial charm
2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
3. Need for stimulation/proness to boredom
4.Pathological lying
5. Conning/ Manipulative
6.Lack of remorse or guil
7. Shallow affect
8.Callous/lack of empathy
9.Parasitic lifestyle
10. Poor behavioral controls
11.Promiscouous sexual behavior
12. Earlybehavior problems
13.Lack of relistic long-term goals
14. Impulsivity
15. Irresponsibility
16. Failure to accepts responsibility for own actions
17. Many short-term marital relationships
18.Juvenile delinquency
19. Revocation of conditional relase
20. Criminal versatility
The class then precedes to look at Case studies to learn how to identify these charactericstics. The Case studies allows Ron identify closer with psychopaths. Ron then starts his own exploration of identifying psychopaths
Critique: This chapter was very interesting. I was able to learn, along with Ron, more about psychopaths and their behavior. The story Hane told about the girl psychopath was terrifying. I never considered that psychopathic behavior can begin early in life. So it is really nerve wreaking to hear about a second year student of college who gets pleasure out of extreme violence. Who knows? She could turn out to be my roomate. :/