Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 10

This chapter begins with Ron at some sort of meeting. In the meeting people were proposing disorders  to be included in the fourth coming edition of the DSMV.  Ronson then goes on to talk about how  doctors and parents of the USA,were so quick to put children on medication. The purupose of Lady Margert character is not clear, but she introduces a man name Robert Spirzer.  Spitzer was a psychiatrist who didn't like psychoanalysis. From the way it is written in the novel, it seems as if Spitzer's ideas influenced the kinds of meetings were people yell out disorders and someone writes them down; he even published his version of DSM-III. After steping down as the editor of the DSM-III, he concludes that it is very easy to create a false epidemic in psychiatry. The chapter ends with the death of a little girl named Rebecca. She died because her parents overdose her with bipolor medication; the medication was not even intended for children.
For some reason this chapter was hard to understand, but it is probably because I read it at 1 in the mourning. One thing that stuck out to me about this chapter is the reality that parents in the USA really do put their children on medication for everything. Its shocking to read that most kids are being misdiagnosed.

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