Sunday, November 20, 2011

Research Paper PROGRESS!

Harper, B(1994).Gentle Birth Choices.Rochester,Vermont:Healing Arts Press.

My research question is "What are the major differences between Home Birth and Hospital Birth". Gentle Birth Choices  will be the major source of my paper. This book has alot of information that will make this writing assignment a breeze- well almost. Because being a midwife nurse is something that I am truly passionate for, I am going to enjoy reading and picking out information to include in my reseach paper. The pictures are amazing!  I have shown several people the pictures in the book and they all seem to react in disgust- to make them feel better, I just tell them that it is a natural process that everyone goes through (literally).

(1993, Nov. 3). A Birthing Center. Parents,150. Retrived from
I found this cute, litte article on the ProQuest Research Library Database. The Database found this article through an Magazine. I don't think I cited this article correctly, because I can't find the arthuor or  edition of the Magazine. I will be using this source to support Home Birth. It is an easy read; all I need now is an highlighter to begin finding information.

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