Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jon Ronson: Chapters 9 +10

In "The madness of David Shayler", Ronson writes about a  terroist bombing in Northern London, that occured on July 7,2005; the tradgedy happened in the  mourning, around 9:30 am. Rachel North, a survivor of the terroist attack, was in the same carriage as the sucide  bomber. After recovering, she blogged her experiences; she gained support and enemies. David Shayler was one of the enemies she made because he was the head of a conspircy group that believed  that  the goverment was responsible for the July bombing which means that he accused North of lieing. Ronson allows the reader to choose to side with North or Shayler.
In the begining of the chapter I was in favor of North. Why would she team up with the goverment and agree to be nearly killed by a bomb? But, i was open to learning about Shaylor's conspiricy; it was a bunch of BU*LSH*T! I was laughing when Ronson told Shayler to f*u%k off.

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